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Rent Model 3 Performance

Experience electromobility.


Our equipment highlights:
- Carbon rear spoiler
- Performance brakes
- Enhance autopilot
- 567km range
- Color: deep blue metallic
- Four-wheel drive


ATTENTION: vrented until June 1st, 2024

Have you always wanted to rent a Tesla Model 3 Performance?

Then you have come to the right place with Alpcars sports car rental.
The Tesla Model 3 is one of the best-known electric vehicles.
Our Performance stands out from the normal Model 3 with a sportier look.

With over 500 hp, the Tesla is already in the league of sports cars - the acceleration provided by the electric punch guarantees you pure driving pleasure.
The special thing about Tesla is the software technology. The many functions and gadgets will surprise you and give you a lot of fun. 
Are the children bored in a traffic jam or during a break? Just let them play a game or watch a video on YouTube.


Thanks to Tesla's good charging infrastructure, you will enjoy even longer trips and you will see how easy and relaxing electric driving can be.

Have we convinced you? Then rent our Tesla Model 3 Performance now and experience the new world of electric mobility.

Prices 2023

Valid from September 1st, 2022 - November 1st, 2023 / Location: Goldegg


daily rent
2-24 hours

€ 250,-

including 300 free kilometers


7 days
Weekly rent

€ 1,000,-

including 1200 free kilometers

All prices include 20% VAT.
Deductible in the event of damage:
max. € 2,000

- Minimum age: 21 years

- At least 3 years of continuous driving license ownership

Charging costs:
Must be borne by the renter (except for Tesla Superchargers - these will only be paid upon return). The vehicle must be returned with at least 80%, otherwise loading fees will apply (max. € 20.00)
The vehicle must be returned cleaned, otherwise cleaning fees of €30 will apply. In the event of serious contamination, cleaning fees will be charged based on effort.

Delivery is only possible by arrangement.


Weekend rental Friday - Monday 9:00 a.m

€ 500,-

including 600 free kilometers


30 days
monthly rent

€ 1,500,-

including 2,000 free kilometers


4 day rental 
Monday - Friday

€ 600,-

including 700 free kilometers



Deposit: € 500,- 

in cash or by credit card

each additional kilometer: € 0.90

Please send us a booking request using the form below or contact us by phone.
We would be happy to adapt to your wishes and create a tailor-made offer for you!

We look forward to your inquiry!

Tesla Model 3
Tesla Model 3
Tesla Model 3
Tesla Model 3


Tell us your wishes and we will make you a tailor-made offer without obligation.

Alpcars sports car rental

March 4th

5622 Goldegg

+43 (0) 664 50 42107

Vielen Dank für Ihre Anfrage.

Rent a Tesla Model 3 Performance at ALPCARS sports car rental

The Tesla is a real all-rounder and a pure pleasure.

We guarantee you a new experience.

General questions about the Tesla Model 3 Performance:

  • How much does it cost to rent a Tesla Model 3?

At ALPCARS sports car rental you can rent a Tesla Model 3 from just €250.
The costs for the electricity must be borne by the tenant and are around € 3.60 with an average consumption of around 18 KWh per 100km. Of course, this price depends on the electricity price of the charge.


  • How does the battery have to be charged?

You will receive the vehicle from us with a battery level of approx. 80%. In daily use, the battery level should always be between 20% - 80% and should only be charged up to 100% for longer trips.

  • How does charging at home work?

You can charge the Tesla at a normal 230V Schuko socket (adapter is in the vehicle), but this variant only charges a maximum range of 18 km in one hour.
From the beginning of August you will receive a GO-E charger from us, with which you can charge from a high-voltage socket (CCE 16A). This variant charges a maximum of 65 km per hour.
These variants are also the cheapest, as the price per KWh is on average €0.20 and a  0-100% charge would therefore cost approx. €17.


  • How does charging on the go work?

The Tesla Super Chargers, which are shown in the navigation, are recommended for on the go. These chargers are very fast (0-80% battery level in just about 30 minutes). The billing takes place via the Tesla account and will be invoiced directly by the landlord at the end of the rental period. The costs are around €0.50 per KWh. The exact price will be shown to you on the Tesla navigation screen.

Other public charging stations are also shown in the navigation. Of course you can also visit these charging stations. Billing varies and can be done on site using an APP or a credit card. The appropriate cable for the charging stations is in the vehicle or on site at the charging station.
There are also enough providers where you can charge for free while shopping. In general, you should remember this saying: If it is standing, then it is charging.


Attention: If a vehicle is fully charged, it must be removed from the charging station, otherwise blocking fees may apply.

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